Beachy Ideas for a Beach-Themed Bridal Shower

Being a Maid of Honor comes with a lot of responsibility, and planning the bridal shower is just the first of a string of major events that you are ultimately responsible for coordinating. 

To make your job a little easier, a beach themed bridal shower is an excellent choice that can provide a lot of fun for your bride and her guests alike. Here are a few ideas to make your bride’s bridal shower a sweet (and salty) success.

Set the Vibe for the Party

Your bridal shower invitations let your guests know what to expect for the party. When your rsvp cards invite them to a “Bridal Brunch at the Beach” with flamingos or an ocean wave, they will know to expect a chill and fun time at the shower.

No matter how near or far the real ocean is from this bridal shower, you can invite guests to come dressed for a luau or like it’s 5 o’clock somewhere to embrace the atmosphere of the party. 

To give people a little extra incentive to actually reply to that RSVP request, you can also include a place for them to suggest a beach themed song to add to the party playlist along with their response. Even guests who are not able to attend can feel like they are a part of the celebration with a clever song suggestion, and you’re more likely to get an accurate estimate to cater for.


Create a Bridal Brunch with a Tropical Theme

Beach themed bridal shower decorations can include bright colors like ocean blue and coral pink or a pastel color palette for a more subtle look. 

Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and Mimosas are all excellent (and beachy) beverage choices for a shower. Make sure that drinks are topped off with tropical fruit and little tiny umbrellas for a bit of fun. 


Clever Bridal Party Gifts

There are two options for party gifts for the guests at the bridal shower: You can offer grab bag gifts for all of the guests or hand out prizes for the winners of your beach bridal shower game. The best news is, you are absolutely welcome to utilize both for your bridal shower! 


Gifts for All

For your beach-themed bridal shower, you can set up a low table near the door as a “Treasure Island.” This is where guests can drop off the booty (their gifts for the bride) on their way in and pick up their grab bags on the way out.

If you are leaning hard into the theme, your Treasure Table might have a large chest (perhaps filled with chocolate candy coins?) and other pirate themed decors like seashells and sea stars caught in a fish net. For a more elegant look, a pastel tablecloth with some faux pearls should do the trick.

Great beach themed grab-bag gifts for guests might include fun sunglasses, custom koozies, or a tiny bottle of sunscreen with a custom label.



Winners of your beach themed party games will be happy to walk away with an extra special gift from the party and it will encourage more active participation in your games when something as awesome as a pair of Soleless Sandals (like these shells or sea stars from the Sea Goddess collection) are up for grabs!

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