About Us

 Our Product
Soleless Sandals are handmade crochet barefoot sandals. We offer fashion forward accessories to enhance your attire. Our barefoot sandals are made with 100% cotton for a more softer and natural feel and ease of care.
Our Production Process
We have established a partnership with Project Thrive, a women’s empowerment initiative to help support the education and economic development of women and their families in developing countries. Each handmade pair you purchase helps support this initiative.
Our Collections
We have four collections from beach wedding to beachwear, from pool side to the yoga enthusiast.  We cater to those who want to add a special flair to any style or occasion.  Enjoy wearing these sandals on the beach, while sunbathing or anywhere your bare feet may take you.



Research has shown that earthing at least one half hour a day could improve circulation and reduce inflammation in the body.  Reconnect to the earth and get grounded.  Feel better and increase energy.

Soleless Sandals