How to Pick the Perfect Beach Bridesmaids' Dresses

You’ve picked your beachside destination, and you’ve chosen the perfect wedding dress. Now, it’s time to pick out the perfect beach bridesmaids’ dresses

One of the most challenging parts of any wedding planning involves choosing the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids. You want to choose dresses they will like, that work with your wedding theme, and fit your beachside wedding

In this article we look at how to pick the perfect beach bridesmaids’ dresses to make sure your wedding party looks and feels great in dresses that fit your destination wedding

Consider Your Dress

Your first consideration is to think about your bridal dress. For example, is it white, ivory, blush, or a different color palette? Does your dress have beachy vibes, or is it more traditional? 

You want your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses to have a similar tone as one another. In addition, you want the fabric to be the same or similar, too. For example, consider chiffon bridesmaid dresses if your dress is airy and flowing. A chiffon dress always provides your bridesmaids freedom of movement, too. 

Finally, steer away from traditional dresses made from silk or satin because salt water from the ocean can cause issues with both wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

Consider the Length

You also want to consider the length of your dresses. When throwing a beach wedding, you probably don’t want your bridesmaids’ dresses to touch the ground. If they do, they’ll end up covered in sand and surf. 

Next, consider your wedding theme. Is it formal or more casual? Depending on your theme, you can decide on the length of your dresses. You might choose mid-hip length, knee length, or tea length (above the ankle). 

Consider the Wedding Season

When picking out the perfect beach bridesmaids’ dresses, think about what season you’re getting married in. 

For example, if you’re getting married in the spring or summer, you can choose a lightweight fabric in spring or summer colors in a strapless style. Flower patterns are also solid choices. You can even add a flower crown to bring some special color into your special day. 

If you’re getting married during the fall and winter, consider colors that suit the season. In addition, if the weather is going to be chilly, consider long sleeves and don’t forget a jacket, shawl, or sweater to complement the dresses. You can move away from chiffon depending on the season as well. Velvet can also stand up well while also keeping your bridesmaids warmer than chiffon in the winter. 

Final Thoughts

Your perfect beach bridesmaids’ dresses can be both beautiful, comfortable, and elegant. They can actually be whatever you’d like them to be. 

Do your best to choose dresses that work with your beach theme wedding as well as dresses that work with your personal style and that of your bridesmaids. Visit bridal shops that can accommodate outfitting your beach wedding. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours, and you will find a gorgeous dress for your entire wedding party. Don’t forget your sandals for your beach wedding. They are the perfect final touch!

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