Gorgeous Beach Wedding Photography Ideas You Simply Must Try

Your beach wedding will live in your memories for years to come, and you want to make sure you have professional photography to help you remember your special day. 

The best photography is memorable, distinctive, and creative. 

In this article, we look at gorgeous beach wedding photography ideas you simply must try.

Throwing Flower Petals

Since you’re on the beach, you want to make sure you’re staying environmentally friendly with your photo shoot. 

So, instead of throwing rice on the just married couple, you can throw flowers. Choose flowers in the color scheme of your wedding. For example, if you have bright colors such as red, pinks, and oranges, throw those. If you’re flowers are purely white, throw those petals. 

Throwing flowers over the happy couple creates a beautiful photograph, and it leaves a natural reminder of your happy day on the beach. 

The key here is to have a lot of flowers and flower petals. And don’t forget to involve your guests. Everyone will have a great time, and you’ll have a plethora of photos to choose from.

Draw Lines in the Sand

Another beach wedding photography idea is to have all your party guests write inspiring notes in the sand at your reception. 

Then, have your wedding photographer take photos of the notes. You can also include the people who wrote the notes. 

As for the bride and groom, draw a big heart in the sand and stand in the middle. Be sure and catch the waves and even the sunset in the background for a gorgeous beach wedding photography idea

Jump In

For the brave and adventurous, take a wedding photo in the ocean. 

This might be the perfect time to change into your reception dress, so you don’t ruin your wedding dress. 

With both the bride and groom in the water (and the bridal party if they’re willing), you have the perfect opportunity to use this beach wedding photography idea to create unique photos. 

Create photos and memories you’ll never forget by bringing the ocean “into” your photos! 

Be Creative with Footprints

We love the beach wedding photography idea where the bride and groom walk away into the sunset, and the photo shows a series of footprints in the sand. 

This type of photo invokes a strong emotion while also memorializing the start of your new path together.

You can take it one step further and create a design with your footprints – consider a heart, a flower, your names, etc. 

The Perfect Drone Shot

With this beach wedding photography idea, you can get super creative with the drone shots of your wedding. 

Have the photographer take some different shots of your wedding and reception from up above. You just might be surprised at how the different angle really highlights portions of your wedding in a distinctive way. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to beach wedding photography ideas, you want to really focus on the natural beauty surrounding you. 

For example, use the rocks in the area for your bridal party photos. 

Use the birds that naturally land where the tide comes in for some natural photos. Take advantage of the waves crashing as a backdrop. 

Visit your location before your wedding with your photographer and use this list to brainstorm more beach wedding photography ideas for your perfect wedding album!

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