3 Tips for Handling Unexpected Challenges at Your Beach Wedding

You feel completely prepared for your wedding day, and you want everything to be perfect. But sometimes things happen that you don’t expect. To be extra prepared, take some time to consider some of the unusual things that might happen at your outdoor wedding.


Check out these three tips for handling unexpected challenges at your beach wedding

#1: Make Sure You Take Care of Legalities

If you’re having a beach wedding and wedding reception, then more than likely you are in a different state or even a different country than the one you live in. This makes it essential to take care of any legal requirements before your wedding day.


In addition, you also want to make sure you have all the necessary permits for your perfect beach wedding.


The last thing you want is to start setting up on the beach only to be told it’s not allowed. Do your research well in advance of your wedding day.


Your best bet here is to hire a destination wedding planner. This person will be well-versed in all the legalities regarding your beach venue. For example, your local wedding planner knows how, when, and where to get your permit to use the beach for your wedding and reception. They’ll also know if there is a fee involved and if you need insurance.


Finally, your wedding planner will know more about noise ordinances and any requirements regarding food and alcohol on the beach. 

#2: Make Sure You Don’t Go Over Budget

While there are some couples who simply start planning their weddings without thinking about how much anything costs, this isn’t something we recommend. You want to be very clear about your budget, so you don’t end up with too much credit card debt.


With careful planning, you can keep your wedding budget in check. You want to break each part of your wedding down and set a budget for each line item. Then, add it all up and make sure it fits with your overall budget.

#3: Make Sure You Have a Sewing Kit

Your wedding is hours away, and everyone in the bridal party is getting ready. But what happens when the wedding dress, groom’s tux, or an outfit worn by someone in the wedding party suddenly doesn’t fit?


Or, what happens if a zipper breaks, a seam splits, or a button pops off? Are you prepared for these unexpected challenges?

You have nothing to worry about as long as you have a complete sewing kit with you. If you don’t, your professional wedding planner most likely will.


So, what’s the solution to clothing mishaps? This one is pretty easy – simply sew the person into their clothing. For example, if a bridesmaid dress splits at the seam, grab the sewing kit, and sew the dress closed. Sewing a person into their clothing is the fastest and easiest way to fix most garment mishaps. 

Final Thoughts on Unexpected Challenges

Whether it’s a problem with your wedding venue, a wedding vendor, or unexpected expenses, the most important thing you can do is stay calm.


Some of your biggest challenges are easily solved. You’ll find that everything you did during the wedding planning process prepared you for any issue that arises. So, stay calm, ask for help, and enjoy your most wonderful dream wedding and ceremony.




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