4 Tips for Choosing Elegant Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals

Your destination wedding happens to be a beach wedding ceremony. You have your wedding location, your perfect dress, veil, and jewelry, but now you must complete your bridal look with appropriate footwear

While you could go barefoot, this is your wedding, and you want to take it up a notch. The appropriate bridal footwear is a must. So, ditch the heels and the closed-toe shoes! 

Let's look at four tips for choosing elegant, barefoot wedding sandals

#1: Choose Sandals That Match Your Personal Style

The first thing to consider is what you actually like. Barefoot beach wedding sandals come in many different styles

Is your personal style more formal, a bit laid back, a little boho, lots of bling, or something else? 

Whatever your preference, you can definitely find a pair of sandals to suit your tastes. In fact, you may have one pair for the wedding and one pair for your reception! 

#2: Choose Sandals That Match Your Wedding Dress

What is your wedding gown like? Do you have a long gown? Or is your gown shorter because you're getting married on the beach? 

In addition, do you have a more casual dress or a more formal dress? Is it white, or did you choose a different color? 

You want to pick the best option for the style of your dress. 

One great tip is to take your sandals with you to your dress fittings. This way, the person who hems your dress will know where to mark it. Likewise, you can take your sandals with you when choosing a dress to ensure they match perfectly! 

#3: Choose Sandals That Match Your Wedding Party

Another thing to consider when choosing your barefoot wedding sandals is your bridesmaid sandals

If you're walking in comfort and style, you can bet your bridesmaids will also want to. Because barefoot sandals come in many different colors, you can choose one style for yourself and another style for your bridesmaids. Match yours to your dress and their sandals to their bridesmaid's dresses

You'll have a cohesive look for your wedding party because everyone gets to wear barefoot sandals.

#4: Choose Sandals That Match Your Wedding Theme

Your beach setting certainly informs your wedding theme, but you may also have another theme. For example, you may have a nautical theme, a bohemian theme, glitz and glamour, all about pearls, a formal beach wedding, or bright colors and floral arrangements. 

The good news is that you can choose barefoot wedding sandals to match your wedding theme. 

Final Thoughts on Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals

You can choose many different types of sandals for your breezy beach wedding, but the perfect sandals are the barefoot kind. 

The last thing you want on a sandy beach is a high-heel or a closed-toe shoe. You want to have bare feet so you can feel the sand under your toes and not trip or get sand in your shoes. 

Barefoot wedding sandals let you do just that. With the embellishments on top of your feet, you have a good option for your beach wedding venue. Bottom line – barefoot sandals are just what you need as the beach bride


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