3 Makeup Tips for a Sunny Destination Wedding

You're having a destination wedding, and how you look and feel makes your wedding that much more enjoyable. We've put together some of our favorite tips to help you have the best experience, whether it's a summer wedding or somewhere warm and balmy. 

Let's look at three makeup tips for a sunny destination wedding

#1: Have a Trial Run

Some brides have professional makeup, and some do it on their own. What is important is that you have the perfect makeup, and this tip applies whichever route you take. 

Schedule a time to have a trial run with your makeup artist and do your makeup well before you have to do it for real. First, ensure that your makeup is just how you want it. 

Second, your trial run shows you how your chosen makeup look is going to last throughout your wedding and reception. If you can, wear your makeup outside for as long as you would on your wedding day. 

This test run helps you determine if this is your perfect makeup look. Along with your makeup, do your wedding hair on the same day. Try to do it on a day when the weather mimics what you might experience during your wedding. You also want to make sure your wedding hair holds and continues to look dazzling. 

#2: Use Waterproof Products

Another great makeup tip is to use waterproof products when you're getting married in a sunny destination or on the beach.

Waterproof products are also usually long-lasting. So this means your makeup will likely last through heat, humidity, and a long day/evening wedding and reception. 

You can find water-resistant eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. This is also key in case you shed any tears of happiness! 

Also, you'll find waterproof lip color, foundation, and blush. 

If you wear sunscreen under your makeup, steer clear of mineral sunscreens such as those with zinc or titanium dioxide. These can cause an unwelcome glow or flash in your pictures. 

#3: Be Extra Prepared

Your wedding and reception last a long time, and with a summer or sunny wedding, you may be hot and sweat a little. Or the weather may be humid. 

So, it pays to be extra prepared for the heat and the sun. Be prepared by taking some makeup with you in case you need to touch anything up. You also want to have some powder with you to cover up any extra shine. 

Another critical thing to have with you is your lipstick. This may even be necessary if you use a long-wear lip gloss, too. 

Being prepared means you'll always be showing the best version of yourself if your makeup wears off, fades, or gets a heat-induced glow. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you're going for a natural look, a glam look, a colorful look, or something shimmery, it's essential to be prepared, test your look before the big day, and use waterproof products, especially if it's humid, or you're near the water. 

With these tips, you can prevent your makeup from melting off. And it can look gorgeous all day long!

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