Step into Paradise: Choosing the Perfect Soleless Sandals for Your Vacation

You’ve planned your summer vacation, and you’re ready to step into paradise. Now it’s time to decide what to pack. You’ve grabbed your favorite casual outfits, and you can’t decide on the best sandals to take.

You’re in luck as we look at tips for choosing the perfect soleless sandals for your vacation. First, though, let’s look at what they are. 

What is a Soleless Sandal?

Sometimes called barefoot sandals or bare bottoms, a soleless sandal has straps made of fabric, nylon, leather, or another material.

To most people, you look like you’re simply wearing stylish sandals when in fact, your toes and soles are naturally and quite comfortably bare while you make contact with the ground or the floor.

For the casual observer, you are wearing a great looking pair of cute sandals! The best part for you is that you look great, and your feet are comfortable and not hot. 

What are Your Choices?

When choosing your favorite pairs, you have a lot of great options. You can choose the right pair of soleless sandals in many styles:

  • You’ll feel glamorous with sandals made from pearls and crystals.
  • Crochet barefoot sandals make an earthy, goddess-like statement in a myriad of neutral colors as well as bold colors.
  • If neutral colors are more your speed, you’ll love our sandals made with wooden beads or natural shell and glass beads.
  • You have plenty of choices if bold is your style. Try blue starfish, pink roses, green turquoise and silver, as well as bold aqua beads, or white rose buds.
  • You can also make a powerful statement with a string of aqua Czech fire-polished glass and pearl beads in your best summer sandals.
  • For those of you who love pink, try a pair with pink glass crystals and pearls.
  • Enjoy beautiful crochet shapes such as starfish, seashells, and more as you pick out your sandals for everyday wear.

With adjustable ankle straps, and different colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with multiple pairs!

Can You Wear Them on Vacation?


 Your perfect soleless sandals are perfectly at home on the beach or at the pool. They are also wonderful at yoga class, weddings, dancing, singing, sunbathing, and performing on stage.

You’ll enjoy hours of wearing your soleless sandals and find they go wonderfully well with your summer wardrobe.


Why Walk Barefoot?

What’s the first thing you do when you get home? If you’re like us, you take off your shoes. Why? It’s because it feels so good.

It turns out that our feet were designed for walking barefoot. In fact, the more you walk barefoot, the healthier and stronger your feet become.

Now that you’re heading out on a beach vacation, it’s the perfect time to give soleless sandals a try. 

Final Thoughts on the Perfect Soleless Sandals for Your Vacation

With the warmer weather of summer, you want to wear the most comfortable sandals.

Our top pick for hot weather, of course, is always soleless sandals with beautiful embellishments and adjustable straps.

You’re sure to find your classic style that defines your outfit and your time in paradise!

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