Discover the Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot in Nature

Have you ever heard of earthing? This is when people sync their bodies to Earth’s natural rhythms. Earthing means connecting your physical form to the ground. Essentially, it means spending time walking barefoot on dirt, grass, sand, or any natural surfaces.

For this article, we’re talking about grounding ourselves by touching the ground with our bare feet. Why would you want to have direct contact with the Earth’s surface on an ongoing basis? Let’s discover the health benefits of walking barefoot in nature and on the beach. 

It Keeps Your Feet Healthy

The health of your feet is vital as your feet support your body every day. Barefoot walking helps relax your feet while stretching and strengthening your foot muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

If you regularly have sore feet, you may find that after spending time walking barefoot, you have healthy feet that feel better. In addition, you also strengthen your flexors, which is especially helpful for people with flat feet.

When you walk on a beach, you’ll find that the bottom of your feet are getting a better workout, as are your arches, ankles, and leg muscles. Because of this, you’ll find some surprising benefits of walking barefoot on a beach. One of those is that you end up burning more calories because it’s harder work to walk on a beach than on hard surfaces.

Finally, the sand is a natural exfoliant, so walking barefoot can smooth out rough spots and callouses. 

It Gives You a Sensory Experience

Your sensory nerves will be shouting after regular walking barefoot. Your feet will touch many different types of textures and surfaces as you walk.

This provides you with one of the most beautiful walking experiences. The sensation of walking barefoot wakes up your senses and makes you more aware of the world around you. 

It Provides Immense Health Benefits

Not only is walking good for your physical health, but it’s great for your cardiovascular health, and it can even reduce your blood pressure. It also provides health benefits such as reducing pain and inflammation.

Some recent studies show there is an electrical charge from the Earth that helps neutralize free radicals in your body. In this charge, the free electrons also act as antioxidants. This overall improves how your body functions and works.

The therapeutic effect is amazing, and you’ll find your stress levels are reduced as you walk barefoot on the beach or on different surfaces. 

It Helps You Sleep Better

Exercise plays a vital role in keeping your circadian rhythms operating the way they should. This means that regular barefoot walking in a natural environment can help stabilize your rhythms, so you sleep better every night. 

Final Thoughts on Barefoot Walking

Being outside in natural surroundings is healing and has a positive impact on your life. Add to that walking barefoot on the soles of your feet, and you can watch your energy levels rise, you’ll reduce chronic inflammation, and enjoy numerous mental health benefits.

So, get out there, work those lower legs, and start that walking pattern for the amazing physical benefits! And, if you want to do it in style, try the footwear options here. Our soleless sandals are just what you need to walk barefoot and in style.

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